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Sun Valley Investments ™ (SVI) is a Private Equity firm focussed on the precious metals industry with portfolio companies and branch offices in the UAE, Colombia, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and India.

Our senior leadership team has several decades of experience in mining and investment companies and combines investment skills across diverse asset classes with hands-on experience at both senior and junior companies in the precious metals mining and refining industry.

SVI leverages its deep capital markets expertise and longstanding relationships with mining companies to structure a broad range of assets and financial products.

We offer investors proprietary strategies that seek to leverage the full strengths of our firm. Our fund’s investments reflect fundamental perspectives on the macro- and micro-economic trends driving the markets where we invest. Through an emphasis on strong relationships and expertise, we have been providing unique opportunities for our investors.

The fund finances the entire precious metals supply chain: mineral exploration, mine construction, production, processing and refining.


Pillars Of Our Approach 


​​At Sun Valley Investments, our commitment to ethical conduct inspires our culture, our partnerships with investors and portfolio if investments, and our dedication to building enduring and thriving businesses.


Our senior leadership team has worked together for nearly a decade, combining investment skills and experience across asset classes.


We believe Sun Valley’s global presence and emphasis on local partnerships are a competitive advantage. Because of their in-country presence, our regional investment teams are able to provide insight into emerging economies, allowing us to rapidly identify new opportunities and trends.


We are committed to providing the information that institutional investors require for managing their portfolios. This commitment is supported by an experienced team of professionals providing risk management, law, compliance, finance, and investor relations.


We view our relationships with limited partners, portfolio companies, staff, and stakeholders as collaborative partnerships. We strive to achieve mutual growth and success through a strong focus on alignment of interests.

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 BASC Certificate No. COLMED00148-1-1

15 Years of Service Recognition

To SVI’S Subsidiary Ciigsa


15 Years of Service Recognition

To SVI’S Subsidiary Ciigsa


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