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Estrategia de inversión en minería y metales

Investment Strategies

In order to meet long term demand, we believe the metals and mining sector requires focused investment capital from knowledgeable investors that understand the volatility of commodity cycles.

Sun Valley’s Metals & Mining investment strategy seeks to invest in sustainable development projects and operations with growth potential, low cash costs of production, or the operating flexibility to insulate against volatility of the commodity markets.


We target investment opportunities that provide exposure to precious metals which, due to structural or regional factors, have attractive fundamentals and barriers to entry.

 Empresas mineras y de inversión


Early Stage
  • Focuses on earlier stage risk in exploration, early project de-risking, scoping studies, and strategic opportunities

  • Investments from $1M to approximately $5M

  • Utilizes a range of investment structures providing funding across the capital spectrum

  • Invests in development, pre-feasibility and onwards, and operating stage companies or assets

  • Target opportunistic projects that are either near production or development-ready.

  • Investments from $3M to approximately $30M

  • Offtake finance involves making upfront payment to a partner in need of capital to expand a mine, refinance obligations, complete an acquisition or satisfy working capital needs. In exchange for the upfront payment, SVI recovers it's capital through a small discount to London FIX or SPOT at the time of delivery of raw dore or concentrate

  • Bullion sales to final clients interested to invest in physical gold

  • Provides government guaranteed precious metals investment and storage program 

  • Deliveries of physical precious metals products and investment solutions to markets worldwide

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