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Golden Dreams: Making Them Happen in 21st Century America

26 de dic de 2023

For centuries, gold has been a gleaming beacon of dreams for millions at the thought of North America. And rightly so, as the region, transcending its historical gold rushes, continues to be a significant player in the global gold production arena.

At Sun Valley Investments, we invest in making these shiny dreams come true. In our global search for valuable opportunities in the precious mining industries, we signaled Canagold, with its promising portfolio of gold properties in North America.

Canagold is a growth-oriented gold exploration and mining company, publicly traded on the Toronto Exchange (TSE: CCM). It boasts a diverse portfolio of gold properties in British Columbia, Canada, and Nevada, USA. In a strategic move to concentrate its resources and efforts, Canagold has optioned its Nevada properties to Getchell. These properties, comprising unpatented lode claims, have a history of surface exploration and mining in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Canagold focuses all its attention and capacity on advancing its major British Columbia project, New Polaris. This gold vein is in Northwestern BC, in a site previously explored from the 1930s to 1951. The prospects of this mine are promising. Research reveals it is a high-grade deposit, with gold grades 7.6 times higher than the global average.

In the 21st century, gold mining needs to be different from the American gold rushes of the past. The legal requirements have evolved alongside the technical efficiency improvements, and the industry is moving even further to raise its standards. A prime example of this evolution is Canagold’s collaboration with the Taku River Tlingit First Nation, exemplifying the importance of strong community support for the sustainable development of mining projects.

Recognizing the untapped potential of this company, Sun Valley Investment has been reinforcing its investment in Canagold. We currently own 43% of the company’s shares, signaling our commitment to its future success.

Sun Valley Investments brings more to the table than the financial impetus. From our experience in other markets, namely our portfolio mining operations in Colombia, we give Canagold access to a  strong team of technical experts, and the decades-long experience in leading mining companies of our board members.

By partnering with Canagold, we have successfully accelerated this project, which is now progressing through the feasibility, permitting, and environmental impact stages. We anticipate completing the feasibility stage by 2024, followed by the conclusion of the permitting process in 2025. Adhering to this timeline, we aim to commence construction of the new mine in 2026. A milestone that will not only usher in a prosperous new phase for Canagold but also for the Taku River Tlingit First Nation.

We at Sun Valley Investments are prepared to deepen our commitment to Canagold. It is not just an investment in a company but in a vision of sustainable prosperity and value creation. The promising future of the New Polaris project stands as a lasting, shiny beacon, reflecting a dedication to responsible and profitable mining practices that honor both our legacy and our future.

About Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a private equity firm focused on the precious metals industry with portfolio companies and branch offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Sun Valley seeks to invest in sustainable development projects and operations with growth potential, low cash costs of production, or operating flexibility to insulate against volatility in the commodity markets.


The information contained or referenced herein is for information purposes only to provide the views of Sun Valley and the matters which Sun Valley believes to be of concern to shareholders described herein. The information is not tailored to specific investment objectives, the financial situations, suitability, or particular need of any specific person(s) who may receive the information, and should not be taken as advice in considering the merits of any investment decision. The views expressed herein represent the views and opinions of Sun Valley, whose opinions may change at any time and are based on analyses of Sun Valley and its advisors.


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